Unpopular topic to address, right!? Well, I thought it was appropriate given that sometimes doing my LEAST favorite things are what prompt the most creative growth (personally & professionally).

Wanna hear a secret? Psssst…I do NOT love posting on social. It can be exhausting. It can be intimidating. Everyone has an opinion these days, amiright? I end up overthinking things: am I getting enough engagement? What’s the algorithm doing now? And, HECK NO, I am not going live! It takes some serious dedication to be a regular on social. I realized early on that the traditional blueprint for social posting didn’t work for me. SO, I ditched the “rules” & created a routine that does work! This plan involved lots of visuals (Hi, photographer here), planning ahead & automated posting (thank you, Canva content calendar) and primarily responding to comment notifications because I value my work/life balance.

So, yeah, the social media empire is a beast, but it forced me into creating a plan that worked for ME & my brand. It reminded me that I am in charge. That small step sparked a flame for me… something that had been dormant for a while… Something I had somehow forgotten with all the “social” filters clouding my vision. That something was that: ALL the “rules” are fake, Friend!! We literally get to create our own rules & I highly recommend doing just that! Screw what the biz owner down the street is doing… Toss out the idea that doesn’t fit your life… Forget about what the competition is doing and just DO YOU! I believe that’s the key to the whole dang thing! Being true to YOU, your style, your goals, your story, your voice, your definition of success! The people who resonate with YOUR rules will find you much quicker! Don’t like the rules? Screw ’em & make your own.