“People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic.” – Seth Godin

The cold hard truth is that no matter how amazing your product or service is: your future clients wants to first relate to you, get to know you and trust you WAY before they ever consider making a purchase from you.

Ask yourself these questions about your own buying experiences:

  • If you went to a website to shop, but the photos were all stock images and not of the actual product being offered for sale, would you still purchase from them?

  • If you went to a professional service providers social media and saw that their last post was 2 years ago and they had 27 followers, would you still hire them?

  • If you searched for a business online to shop their product and discovered they didn’t have a website but only a Facebook page with phone pics, would you still buy from them?

If you visit a website to learn more about a product or service and you’re met with a beautiful, simple website outlining services, about the business owner, calls to action, testimonials and ways to get in touch. The photos are professional, clear representations of what is for sale and there are behind the scenes photos of what working with the owner looks like. There are photos of the owner herself, her family and her work habits. You visit the “About Me” page and learn the business owner grew up in the neighboring town to you, she is a supporter of the arts and a fellow yogi! You visit her social media platforms and discover that you share over 20 friends and the connection becomes deeper. You know this person is real, you are getting a feel for who she is, mutual friends have purchased from her and left positive reviews and her product/service is inching from enticing to necessity. Are you likely to buy from her?

Now, I’m not suggesting what you personally should be comfortable with when making a purchase or hiring a professional. It should be clear that the business owner who is telling her story, has an updated, authentic website with professional imagery and is consistently showing up in photos while being active on social is the one who is far more trustworthy than the previous fictional examples.

The lesson here is that brand photography makes a HUGE positive impact on your ability to relate to your potential clients, tell your authentic story and make magic happen for your business. <3

The resounding theme from all of my clients who regularly utilize content we create for their brand is HUGELY POSITIVE! The simple truth is that when you consistently implement the photography and brand strategies we create, you will see a positive return. Your first impression, ongoing reputation and perceived value will ALL see a positive shift as a result of brand photography. These simple positive shifts in  your marketing add up to more clients, more visibility, and higher quality, cohesive content.

The question you need to ask is: What do you want YOUR potential clients to see when they visit your website, blog & social media platforms?