I recently shared the 12 Days of Branding Tips for my community over the holiday season. I wanted to reshare here for a one stop shop to collect all 12 without chasing them down on social. These tips might seem small, but they ALL matter and will help you make an authentic impact with YOUR branding!

If you are not ready to invest in your business yet… My 12 Days of Branding Tips can still provide some valuable info & help you get 2022 started with a little help!


Day 1 | PROPS

Choose your branding props with purpose & you can help tell your story without words. And also bonus tip… it’s SO much less intimidating to take photos when you’re holding something!


Location, location, location. Set the right scene for your photos by choosing a location that helps tell your story. By choosing a location that aligns with your brand story… you are adding another level of communication to your community.

Day 3 | Poses

Posing can make all the difference in how much you LOVE an image! If you are using your phone for imagery, I recommend getting the best variety you can! Aim to be at an angle to the camera and not dead on (where hips & shoulders face the camera). Look for an opportunity to make a triangle (arm on hip, chin rested on hand, hand behind head, & so on) If you’re not working with a pro, the real key is being willing to experiment and play around! #goplay BONUS TIP: Place the camera slightly higher than eye level where the subject must look up slightly for a universally flattering angle! BONUS TIP #2: PRACTICE in front of a mirror to see which poses you love prior to shooting!

Day 4 | Natural Light

Natural light is free, available & universally flattering! So, if you’re not shooting with a pro… seek out the best natural light source & enjoy the beautiful warm glow it adds to your photos!

Day 5 | Plan ahead

Planning ahead is the BEST & easiest way to save yourself time! A little bit of planning & organizing will mean you can knock out months of visual content needs in ONE planned photo session! BONUS TIP: Importing months of content photos from one session, editing them & organizing them into chronological folders is a next level time saver!

Day 6 | Personality

This one can tie in on SO MANY levels… (prop, outfit, expression, location choices & more). Be sure that YOU are shining through! Not every single image needs to be bursting with personality but many of them should! This is your chance to share who you are with your community… whatever that looks like for you.

Day 7 | Colors

Brand colors matter & there are so many opportunities to sneak them into your photos! This is an awesome way to create a cohesive look & feel to your imagery & give your community little color clue reminders to associate you with. BONUS TIP: Need help with your brand colors? Snag my FREEBIE: Color Emotional Chart to help choose the best brand color palette (or check your current ones!)

Day 8 | The Look Away

Being in front of the camera can be nerve wracking. It sounds great in theory & you know you need to do it… BUT, there is always an awkward grace period at the beginning of a session. Looking away from the camera can be a great way to ease in to the idea & create super natural, candid photos that you will love to share.

Day 9 | POINT at Offer

This simply little image has the ability to do some HEAVY lifting in your brand imagery. It’s a chance to go beyond stock imagery and personalize your own offers, announcements and promotions! A small but might photo to be sure & include!

Day 10 | Flat Lays

Flat lays are a super easy way to incorporate all the things that help tell your story, without YOU having to be present! These add a colorful variety to your brand imagery, are easy to create and can be themed for upcoming promos

Day 11 | Action & walking

MOVEMENT is one of the keys to natural looking photos. When you are DOING something… you go into auto pilot mode & are immediately more at ease. Simply walking (towards or away) from the camera is a classic & multi-use photo that works for every brand!


My course is the BEST branding photo tip of them all.

Yes, I had to include my new course in the list…because I truly believe in the value it holds! The methods inside this course are the same ones I use with my branding clients (& myself!). There is a ton of good stuff packed into one, self-paced, easy to follow DIY branding guide AND getting started with your brand photos using your own phone.

I’m a BIG believer in using the tools you already have to get started!