Q&A time…Why do I specialize in photographing WOMEN business owners? Holy good question, Friends! This answer has many layers… so let’s start peeling.

It all starts with my WHY. My entrepreneurial spirit began when I was pretty young, watching my parent’s follow dreams in their multiple business endeavors. I remember watching my mom run their store front Hallmark & gift store in our tiny mid-west town for 20+ years. She provided a product & a service to that community and brought life to the downtown area. She is an inspiration to me, to say the least.

I, myself, am a women business owner and I have felt the overwhelm of doing ALL the things. I am a one woman show, who wears all the hats, like so many others. My goal is to provide a valuable service to other women business owners, trying to do it all.

I chose to narrow my niche to women business owners because I am one, I am passionate about seeing them succeed and I felt that community could benefit from my services best. It is simply a great fit for me!

Finally, it is noteworthy to mention that I have 2 daughters watching me follow my dreams. I want nothing more than for them to see a strong, capable woman following her dreams & reaching out to help others.

So, there you have it. My niche in a nutshell. A part of my story… a part of who I am & why.