Ahhh, the dreaded chore of creating content for social, blogs & emails as a business owner. We KNOW we have to utilize all the free tools for our brands and also social media is the biggest beast. I have spoken with so many business owners who share my love/hate relationship with social media. It’s overwhelming. It’s always changing. It’s a lot to keep up with.

So, let’s get started with a couple of facts:

  • #1- I am not a social media expert keeping up with the latest trends (I try to keep up).

  • #2- I do not rely on social media ads to grow my business.

  • #3- I am not a TicTok star or Insta Reel pro (yet!).

  • #4- I do believe that social plays a role in your business success.

  • #5- I serve WAY better than I sell.

Here is what I KNOW about myself and content creation for my business. My goal is to answer a simple question that is applicable to any genre of business: What does my community want to know about _______? What is my community asking? What are they curious about? How can I help them & serve them? And that’s it. That’s the big ole secret. I try to give them what they need. Mind blowing, right?

I can relate 100% to the business owner who is trying to do it ALL! We literally can’t do it all & be an expert in everything. Which is exactly why we need each other. We all have knowledge, skills, experiences & strengths in different areas. We all are so uniquely put together that even someone who competes with your direct market… is doing it differently than you. Thank goodness for that. Your community is out there looking for the gift you have to share. Speak to them. Serve them. Support them. Repeat forever.