This is way more than a simple blog post answer, but I’m going to cover some basics. Let’s start with a little Q&A:

Q: If you were going to hire a professional _______, what would your first step be?

A: Your answer was likely: Check them out online.

Q: If this professional _______ has a website with crappy phone pics, an unfinished website template and a Facebook post dated 3 years ago are you still hiring this person?

A: Um… NO.

Q: If this professional _______ has a user friendly, visually appealing website with images of them, photos of their clients & products, social media platforms that match the style… and when you creep on them to discover more about their business, they share reviews & what it’s like to work with them… are you hiring them?

A: MUCH more likely!

And that is the FIRST reason that branding is absolutely important to your business, regardless of size, genre or stage. Your branding is the reputation that speaks for you when you can’t. That crucial stage of meeting potential clients for the first time is happening online, without your knowledge! You don’t often get to speak to them directly… they are lurking over your online presence & checking you out. You want to put your BEST foot forward online & be confident that your branding & photography MATCH the quality of your product and/or service. This is so vital! You might be the best (insert your biz here), but if your branding & photography don’t speak to that… you’re missing out on clients.